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A close-up of the Rose Bowl, City Campus


INSIDE/OUT- ‘What is Art? And What Am I Doing In It?’

In this lecture Anne Bean will expand on these four perspectives: process, collaboration, improvisation and life/art.

Recently, Anne Bean was asked to choose and write about four works of hers, which she regarded as central to her practice, for a book on Performance Art. She selected works that uncovered as many aspects of her concerns as four works from a fifty-year career could.

The first work underlined ideas around process-based work and the overlap of different aspects of visual arts, from photography, painting and drawing to sculpture and installation, that arises from and is made  expansive through, a performance art ethos. In the second, she considered collaborative and collective work and the strategies they open for profound insights into ‘the space between us.’ In the third she reflected on improvisatory practice especially in regard to sound and treating sound and visuals as inter-relating sculptural forms. She first articulated ideas around the fourth work in her dissertation, in 1973, at Reading University: ‘What is Art? And what am I doing in it?’ querying art as life and life as art.

Event Details

25 March 2020 -
25 March 2020
13:00- 15:00
Lecture Theatre A, Rose Bowl, City Campus, Leeds Beckett University
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