Lecture Series

Discovering the Imaginative Mind

  • 18.00 - 19.00
  • 25 Apr 2018
Discovering the Imaginative Mind
Think of the last time you caught yourself daydreaming or the time you watched someone and wondered what they were contemplating. Think of the last song you couldn’t get out of your head or the time you composed new lyrics to a tune. Think of the future and what your life might be like five years from now or about the fantasy world you discovered while reading a novel. In all of these situations, you will have drawn on the powers of your incredible imagination to go beyond what your eyes are seeing and your ears are hearing.

Professor Anna Abraham Pre-Inaugural Message The Professorial Inaugural Lecture by Professor Anna Abraham: Discovering The Imaginative Mind

Considering how central the imagination is to our everyday lives, surprisingly little is known about the workings of this amazing capacity that exists within each of us. Exploring a selection of themes this lecture provides a snapshot of the advances instrumental in uncovering core attributes of the imaginative mind.