Lecture Series

Bridging the Building Fabric Performance Gap

  • 18.00 - 19.00
  • 19 Nov 2014
Bridging the Building Fabric Performance Gap
In this lecture David presents the results of almost a decade’s worth of testing that has been undertaken on the thermal performance of the building fabric in new build dwellings in the UK.

David Johnston Professorial Inaugural Lecture

He identifies a range of techniques that can be used to measure the building fabric performance gap. Quantifying its scale using a number of different metrics and investigating whether any differences exist between dwellings of different form and main construction type.

David draws on his experience working in low carbon housing. This has encompassed theoretical and strategic explorations of climate change targets; their implications for the design and management of the built environment; detailed empirical work on the potential for carbon emission reductions in new and existing housing and detailed evaluations of the fabric and services performance of domestic buildings.