Guest Lectures

Hip hop and bellicose violence in Mexico

  • 13.30 - 15.00
  • 16 Nov 2022
Hip hop and bellicose violence in Mexico
This lecture interrogates methodological, analytical and representational issues that continue to challenge scholars

Hettie questions is it ethical to write about terror, pain and despair from afar and can sensationalism ever be justified in the analysis of bellicose violence or others’ suffering? Can suffering be represented in ethnographic writing without reproducing a colonialist or otherwise oppressive gaze? These questions are explored in relation to necropolitical Mexico, using experimental ethnographic writing and drawing from empirical research with musicians commissioned to write narco rap, and hip hop artists protesting the disappearances, homicides, systematic violence and impunity enjoyed by organised criminal groups and state institutions alike.

The mission of our prestigious INSIDE/OUT series of lectures is to bring the best minds of our generation to inspire and support the work students and staff do across the Leeds School of Arts. To this end, we have flown in renowned speakers from around the globe. To enhance the cultural life of Leeds, we make the lecture series open to the general public and available to an international audience online.

Lectures will be available as digital films through the LARC website and open to all.

Hettie Malcomson (University of Southampton) is an ethnomusicologist and social anthropologist. Her work examines what the ethnographic study of music reveals about social inequalities. She has explored manifestations of racism, ageism and hierarchies of knowledge production through Mexican danzón; and is currently interrogating experiences of violence in Mexico through hip-hop. Prior to entering the academy, she worked in the music industry and as a composer for film and theatre.

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