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Architecture Open Lecture Series: David Buck + Matthew Waldram

Temporal-scapes with David Buck explores the interplay between music and Landscape Architecture + Planet-scapes with Matthew Waldram talks about capturing images of our globe using satellites

Mathmatical notations

David Buck

Temporal -scapes

This talk explores the relationship between two temporal arts. Drawing conceptually and directly on music notation it examines landscape architecture’s inherent temporality. It argues that the rich history of notating time in music provides a critical model for hits under-theorised aspect of landscape architecture. It also explores sounds' historic absence from the Picturesque, and with the decline of the combustion engine, argues for ennobling sound in the sensory appreciation of urban landscapes.

Dr. David Buck is a landscape architect and educator with a special interest in temporality of landscape. He is the author of a recent book for Rutledge, A Musicology for Landscape, and is founder of his eponymous design practice. He has worked extensively in Asia and has written widely about a range of design topics.


Satellite above earth

Matthew Waldram

Planet -scapes

Matthew Waldram is an engineer at Plant Labs (or simply Planet), which started with one main idea: To capture our dynamic Earth… Every day. The problem with most satellites is that they are large, clunky and expensive to build. So Planet designed an ultra-compact, inexpensive one (CubeSAT) which they could manufacture in bulk. Over time, they have launched 135+ doves or Planetscope into a single orbit plane. They scan each pole once every 90 minutes. As the Earth rotates, they collectively capture the entire Earth, everyday. Today you’re going to meet the satellite constellation that’s revolutionized how we see the Earth.

Event Details

20 November 2019 -
20 November 2019
Level 5 Studio, B Building, Broadcasting Place, Leeds, LS2 9PD
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