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Evidence on short-term effectiveness and pupil’s experiences of participating in school based running programmes such as ‘The Daily Mile’ and ‘Marathon Kids'

Jade Morris

TITLE: Acute improvements in mathematics performance but not executive function following randomisation to The Daily Mile (versus sedentary controls) in primary school children.

DESCRIPTION: Despite its intuitive appeal, evidence regarding the impact of The Daily MileTM (TDM) on academic performance (AP) is limited. School based interventions assessing the acute impact of physical activity (PA) on AP and cognition suggest variable effects. This study explored the immediate effects of TDM on AP (mathematics fluency).

Anna Chalkley

TITLE: Evidence into practice to increase children’s physical activity through schools setting: An exploration of pupils’ experiences of participating in a school based running programme: Marathon Kids.

DESCRIPTION: There is a growing interest in school-based interventions providing additional physical activity outside of physical education. Subsequently, many school based running programmes are being implemented across the UK in a grass roots style movement. However, research on the implementation of these programmes is relatively underdeveloped. Therefore, the aim of this study was to qualitatively explore pupils’ experiences of participating and identify barriers and facilitations to their participation.


Chair - Dr Andy Daly-Smith

Event Details

30 January 2019
Caedmon 124
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