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carnegieXchange Performance in Extreme Environments Symposium

Carnegie School of Sport and the School of Clinical and Applied Science at LBU have collaborated for this carnegieXchange event

The Carnegie School of Sport and the School of Clinical and Applied Science at Leeds Beckett University have an established history of undertaking translation research, with the aim of maximising performance and reducing morbidity in extreme environments. Jointly these two Schools are offering a free day of talks by members of the performance in extreme environments research theme, including talks by some Visiting Professors.

The talks by Visiting Professors Volker Schöffl and Isabelle Schöffl will explore the new trends in climbing injury epidemiology, as well as adaptation in the adolescent elite sport climber, which is pertinent considering climbing’s inclusion in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. An Ice Maiden (Major Natalie Taylor) will talk us through her experience of being part of the British Army team, who became the first women to cross the Antarctica, and the research they participated in. The spotlight will then turn to high-altitude. Talks by Dr Nisham Shah, Dr Anna Marshall, Dr Matt Barlow, Dr Mark Cooke, Dr Lauren Duckworth, Dr Antonis Stavropolous-Kalinoglou and Alex Griffiths will explore the effectiveness of different pre-acclimation protocols and beetroot juice supplementation on physiological function at high-altitude, as well as the effect of high-altitude on fuel use and oxidative stress. Lastly, there will be talks by Dr Andrew Manley, Dr Jamie Poolton and Dr Chris Kay on cognitive function and motor performance at high-altitude from a surgeons perspective, as well as how the use of expeditions can support the well-being of military veterans.


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20 November 2019
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