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International SEEDS Conference 2020

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International SEEDS Conference 2020
Climate Emergency – Applying Sustainability

The SEEDS Conference will now take place online.

The safety of our contributors, delegates and guests is of paramount importance and this year an online event will ensure all participants from around the world can come together safely to discuss the innovative and imaginative research and ideas. Papers and posters will be showcased at the event. The Conference fee of £35.00 has this year been subsidised to allow maximum engagement. Please register for the Conference using the link below, places are limited.
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Our RISE Awards have been postponed and will not take place in the near future, however if you have posters prepared the SEEDS Conference does accept posters and special awards will be presented for posters demonstrating excellence in research, innovation, sustainability and enterprise.

If you have any queries, please contact:

Those suffering any hardship to meet deadlines can let us know and where possible we will aim to support you. Inevitably there will come final deadlines. In order to help us assist those that need support, if you can adhere to the submission deadlines that would be helpful. If you are experiencing difficulties with the deadlines, please provide an assessment of when you can submit the paper and we will then work with you, as far as is possible, to accommodate your request. We sincerely hope that you are well under these very difficult circumstances.

A national climate emergency has been declared and although some nations are still in denial, time is of the essence as the moment for action slips away. More than any other sector, the built environment has a responsibility to use less resource and develop environments so that they are net zero. There is a need to consider how the built and natural environment can be integrated for natural carbon capture and ensure eco and biodiversity is restored. The places that we live and work, and our national ecosystems need to be sustainable, if we are to slow down greenhouse gas emissions, which continue to grow at an accelerating pace.  Current methods of development have led to a loss of biodiversity that presents an immediate danger to our ecosystem needs and food security. Notwithstanding the increasing threat that we are imposing on future generations, current living conditions, toxic emissions and the loss of biodiversity is affecting us now, our urban habitats are inherently unhealthy.

The built environment has a significant role to play in climate change, it uses more natural resources and produces more waste than any other industry. That in mind, research is being applied to address the balance between the built and natural environment and reduce emissions and waste. It is essential that we rapidly draw expertise and centres of knowledge together to address and better understand the action required.

The aim of the SEEDS Conference is to bring together experts from around the world focusing on sustainability agenda and the positive and detrimental changes that are taking place.  As well as addressing technical issues, measuring energy efficiency and modelling energy performance, emphasis is placed on the health and wellbeing of the users of spaces occupied and enclosed. Understanding how buildings and spaces are designed and nurtured to obtain the optimal outcome is the focus of discussion and debate. This holistic approach draws together the research themes of energy, building performance and physics while placing health, wellbeing and ecology at the heart of the conference.

Through review, research and proven practice, the aim of the SEEDS Conference is to foster ideas on how to reduce negative impacts on the environment while providing for the health and wellbeing of society. The professions and fields of research required to ensure buildings meet user demands and provide healthy enclosures are many and diverse. The SEEDS Conference addresses the interdependence of people, the built and natural environments, and recognises the interdisciplinary and international themes necessary to assemble the knowledge required for positive change.

The main conference themes include:

  • Sustainable Engineering and Production (Factories of the Future - building design for industry/ business/ agriculture)
  • Sustainable Place Making (Social dimensions and natural capital considerations)
  • Sustainable Behaviours (human and machine - smart buildings, smart cities)
  • Sustainability Education: Education and training for a changing world
  • Managing Sustainability
  • Innovation, Change and Sustainability
  • Ecosystems, Biodiversity and development

Key Dates

  • 1st Call for abstract submissions: 31 January 2020
  • 2nd Call for abstracts submissions: 17 February 2020
  • Final call for abstracts submissions: 2 March 2020
  • Abstract submission date: 6 March 2020
  • Reviewer comments return by: 6 April 2020
  • Paper submission deadline: 15 May 2020
  • Final paper submission deadline: 10 July 2020

Seeds Abstracts 2020


Scientific Committee

Scientific Committee

SEEDS Conference Fees

We have revisited the fee structure for the SEEDS Conference in light of changes that will be made because of the current Covid-19 pandemic. The SEEDS Conference will now be held online, further details will follow in the coming weeks. The fee for the Conference will now be £35.00.

All delegates that have already booked for the conference prior to this change in fee structure should contact Ellen Glover:

You are invited to submit abstracts under the themes above.

Please click the link on the left for full details of the Call for Abstracts.

Experienced and new researchers are encouraged to attend the conference. Full research papers, posters, reviews and case studies will be considered through the review process.

You are encouraged to submit abstracts as early as possible in order to receive prompt feedback. Early acceptance will enable you to take advantage of the ‘early bird’ rate for the Conference and make a £60.00 saving.

Some comments from those who have attended SEEDS Conferences:

  • “Personally, the atmosphere at SEEDS 2018 was excellent, as an early career researcher I was made to feel welcome and was comfortable about presenting my research.” UK research student
  • “I really enjoyed the SEEDS conference and left more informed about varied issues than I previously was.” US delegate
  • “Truly inspiring - very useful to see work in a range of developmental areas. Highly engaging work presented well.” Danish delegate
  • “Thank you SEEDS for such a wonderful conference in 2019, I really enjoyed the conference venue.” UK delegate

The conference has a strong reputation for working with established publishers. Papers may be put forward for publication with our publishing partners.

Emerald will be attending the SEEDS conference, giving all attendees the opportunity to discuss potential contributions to the Journals from SEEDS. In partnership with the International Journal of Building Pathology and Adaption, a £250 prize will be awarded for the IJBPA Award for Best Paper on Building Pathology and Adaptation.

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