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CeASR Seminar- Life After Genocide

Speaker Linda Asquith- Crime, Justice & Society Programme

What happens to those individuals who survive genocide? Much is known about the process of genocide and what it is to experience such events. The planning, the undertaking and the aftermath concerning justice and accountability have been well documented in scholarly articles and books, not to mention the various museums throughout the world which tell the story of several genocides. Also, much is written about how victims of ‘traditional crime’ recover from their experiences. Less is known about what happens afterwards to those individuals who survive genocide, particularly those who have migrated to other countries. This presentation will explore how survivors have rebuilt their lives in the UK, using Pierre Bourdieu’s concept of social capital as a lens through which we can consider the strategies which survivors have used, allowing a consideration of how survivors access and utilise social capital, or how the lack of social capital has been an obstacle in rebuilding their lives. All welcome.

Event Details

9 October 2019 -
9 October 2019
101 Broadcasting Place
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