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PsyCen QUALMS Data Session: “Who is responsible? Not us” Islamophobic rhetoric in the discourse of the BNP Youth

This session will be delivered by Dr Shani Burke, Teesside University

The data that I will be showing is taken from a YouTube video by the BNP Youth, the official youth wing of the British National Party. The video is entitled ‘Fight back’ and aims to encourage ‘British youth’ to govern their future as well as take pride in their British identity. I am using a discursive psychological approach in my analysis and am particularly interested in how the speakers in the video portray both implicit and explicit Islamophobic and nationalist messages. I draw upon Billig’s work on ‘exoteric’ and ‘esoteric’ messages by far-right groups-the exoteric messages being the ‘reasonable’ message that is being portrayed to the mass audience using non-specialist language, and the esoteric messages being the underlying nationalist ideologies of far-right groups intended for their supporters.

Event Details

11 September 2019 -
11 September 2019
210 Calverley
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