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How Good Should a Country Be?

Simon Anholt - How Good Should a Country Be?

Human collaboration is the key to a better world

Part of Leeds International Festival

Here’s a new question: instead of asking how well your country is doing, trying asking how much it is doing?

We believe that world leaders aren’t just responsible for their own people and their own slice of territory: today, their responsibility extends to the whole of humanity and the whole of the planet.

Today, we live in an age of Grand Challenges: climate change, violent conflict, pandemics, nuclear proliferation, organised crime, human trafficking, mass migration, racism and intolerance, human rights abuses, natural disasters, to name just a few. Each of these problems has been made more dangerous and pervasive by globalisation, and each of them is now too big and too complex for any individual nation to resolve on its own.

For millennia, people in positions of power and authority have been held responsible for their own people and their own slice of territory, but in our interconnected and interdependent modern world this is no longer a sufficient principle: in the longer term, it’s disastrous. The next goal for humanity is simple: to change the culture of governance from one that is fundamentally competitive to one that is fundamentally collaborative.

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Age restrictions: Minumum Age 14. Under 18’s to be accompanied by an adult.

Event Details

9 May 2019 -
9 May 2019
18:30 - 19:30
L19 Cube @ The Village, The Tetley
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Guest Speaker Bio: Simon Anholt

Simon Anholt

Simon Anholt is co-founder (with Madeline Hung) of the Good Country, a new country whose national interest is the international interest. Its citizens come from almost every country on earth.

Anholt also publishes the Good Country Index, a survey that ranks countries on their contribution to humanity and the planet, and in 2016 launched the Global Vote, which enables anybody in the world to vote in the elections of other countries: so far, more than a half a million people from 130 countries have participated in the Global Vote on the elections and referendums of eighteen different nations.

Professor Anholt previously has worked as an advisor to the presidents, prime ministers and governments of 55 countries for over twenty years, helping them to engage more imaginatively and effectively with the international community.

Simon’s TED talk launching the Good Country Index has received over five million views, and his more recent one launching the Global Vote, over one million. They are ranked by TED viewers among the six ‘most inspiring’ TED talks of all time.

Simon Anholt is the author of five books about countries, cultures and globalisation. He is the founder and Editor Emeritus of a leading academic journal focused on public diplomacy and perceptions of places, and publishes a major global study measuring the international standing of fifty countries and fifty cities.

Follow Simon on Twitter @SimonAnholt

Age restrictions: Minimum age 14. Under 18s to be accompanied by an adult.

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