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The Incredible Human Journey

Professor Alice Roberts - The Incredible Human Journey

Part of Leeds International Festival - How humanity survived, spread and colonised the planet

Ten years on from making her landmark BBC2 series, The Incredible Human Journey, Alice Roberts explores the latest insights into the colonisation of the globe by our ancient forebears. Sometimes racing along coastlines, at other times coming to a standstill, with any advance blocked by great walls of ice, our ancient ancestors gradually spread right across the globe. Along the way, they adapted to a huge range of different environments, learning to live everywhere - from tropical forests and temperate shorelines to the high Arctic.

In the last ten years, the evidence has piled up: new fossils, archaeological sites and astounding insights from genetics have painted a new picture of these ancient journeys, and the challenges overcome by our Stone Age ancestors.

After her talk, Alice will be signing copies of a selection of her books for purchase.

Ticket price: £12

Follow Alice on Twitter @theAliceRoberts

Age restrictions: Minimum age 14. Under 18’s to be accompanied by an adult.

Event Details

9 May 2019 -
9 May 2019
16:30 - 17:30
L19 Cube @ The Village, The Tetley
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Guest Speaker Bio: Alice Roberts

Alice Roberts

Professor Alice Roberts is a biological anthropologist, author and broadcaster. She’s interested in the evolution, structure and function of humans, and our place in the wider environment. Having originally studied and practiced medicine, she then became a university lecturer, focusing on biological, evolutionary anthropology. She is passionate about public engagement with university research and teaching, and advocates a wider role for universities in society. She has been Professor of Public Engagement in Science at the University of Birmingham since 2012, and has worked extensively with the Wellcome Trust and other institutions in public engagement roles.

Alice Roberts has presented a wide range of biology and archaeology programmes on television. Her television debut came as a human bone expert on Channel 4’s Time Team, in 2001. After presenting Coast on BBC2, she went on to write and present a range of BBC series, including The Incredible Human Journey, Origins of Us, Prehistoric Autopsy and Digging for Britain, as well as several Horizon programmes.

Alice has written nine popular science books, including The Incredible Human Journey, Evolution: The Human Story, The Incredible Unlikeliness of Being, and her latest - Tamed: Ten species that changed our world.

After her talk, Alice will be signing copies of a selection of her books for purchase

Follow Alice on Twitter @theAliceRoberts 

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