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Institute of Health & Wellbeing

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Latest news from the Institute

Leeds Beckett University work reveals men’s life expectancy on the rise

The latest instalment of groundbreaking Leeds Beckett University work, which maps men’s health promotion in the UK on a 10 yearly basis – has revealed important improvements including an increased life expectancy.

Leeds Beckett events to support Dementia Awareness Week

Leeds Beckett University is hosting a week-long programme of innovative, informative and interactive events in a bid to raise awareness about dementia within society.

Research suggests modern lifestyles preventing families from being active

The struggle to balance demanding work commitments with family life means many UK children are falling short of achieving the recommended amount of daily physical activity, according to new research by Leeds Beckett University.

Upcoming Events

Mar 20

PsyCen Seminar- Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Speaker Daniel Aherne, Director at Adjust

Mar 20

Yorkshire Sculpture International-INSIDE/OUT: Tamar Harpaz

Tamar Harpaz will be talking about her work as part of this series brought to you in partnership with Yorkshire Sculpture International, aiming to celebrate sculpture in all its forms.

Mar 20

Architecture Open Lecture Series: You, Me and the Comachines with ON/OFF

Member of design collective ON/OFF, Nick Green will present recent projects from the group and introduce their latest explorations with ‘Comachines’. These range from DIY devices to larger scale mobile installations and work as collaborative tools to engender new, temporary relationships with the cities we live in. The talk will explore authorship and use and will consider the potential for an architecture of immediacy.

Mar 20

The Matthew Caygill Lecture 2019

We are excited to announce that Mary Eagleton will be delivering the 2019 Matthew Caygill lecture on ‘Clever Girls and the Literature of Women's Upward Mobility’.

Mar 20

Architecture Open Lecture Series: Enduring Form with Harikleia Karamali

From academia to practice, this talk will explore the theme of form making and form meaning in the design process. The architectural project can operate as an authorial act to reappraise the familiar form. Process will be examined as a design tool to defamiliarize from the common form, to re-write its meaning and to design relationships within dense contexts.

Mar 20

The Shape of Things That Came? Social Science and the Social World

Professor Jamie Morgan explores profound issues in terms of the role of social science in both accounting for continuity and change and in contributing to how the future follows from the past.

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