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Our Research

Featured Research Projects

Whole Sytsems Obesity
Whole Sytsems Obesity Right Arrow Icon

Experts at Leeds Beckett University are to investigate how to better support local authorities to tackle the country’s growing obesity epidemic.

"Double-jointed" soccer players have more injuries
"Double-jointed" soccer players have more injuries Right Arrow Icon

Professor Mark Johnson’s research investigates the science of pain and its management. He conducts Cochrane reviews and meta-analyses, experimental studies on human participants and clinical trials on patients experiencing pain.

Experiences of penile cancer
Experiences of penile cancer Right Arrow Icon

In 2012, Dr Peter Branney, alongside Professor Alan White and Karl Witty at Leeds Beckett in conjunction with Aberystwyth University and the University of Oxford, led the first national study of patients’ experiences of penile cancer.

Low uptake of free school meals
Low uptake of free school meals Right Arrow Icon

In April 2013, Public Health Nutrition Journal published a study, led by Professor Pinki Sahota, which sought to discover why half a million families in the UK are not consuming the free school meals that they are entitled to.

Published Research

Research published by members of the Institute of Health & Wellbeing

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