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Local Healthwatch were established following the Health and Social Care Act (2012). They are responsible for ensuring that citizens and communities are able to influence the provision and development of local health and care services.

Since the establishment of Healthwatch, Health Together has worked closely with Healthwatch at both a local and national level.

In the first 3 years we were a delivery partner with Healthwatch Leeds and Healthwatch Wakefield.

In collaboration with Healthwatch Leeds we produced a joint report on how local Healthwatch could engage with Quality Accounts and a briefing on conducting investigations and writing reports.

We worked with Healthwatch Leeds to produce a report which provides a snapshot of children and young people’s involvement in health and care services in Leeds. It highlights some local examples of good practice in children and young people’s involvement.

We have worked with Healthwatch England's supporting them develop Quality Statements for Local Healthwatch and local authority commissioners to help them judge their effectiveness.

Subsequently we have developed a set of tools for local Healthwatch and local authorities to allow them to use the Quality Statements: Using and Testing Quality Statements for Local Healthwatch.

So far we have conducted reviews of:

  • Healthwatch Dorset
  • Healthwatch Warwickshire

We have also supported Healthwatch Leicestershire and Healthwatch North East Lincolnshire to conduct their own reviews and have worked with Healthwatch North Yorkshire supporting them in their move to establish themselves as an independent organisation.