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To contact the Health Together team please use the details below.

Judy White
Director of Health Together,
Direct dial: 07780493024

Sue Rooke
Health Together Administrator,
Direct dial: 0113 812 1957

Postal Address:
Health Together, CL 518,
Faculty of Health & Social Sciences,
Leeds Beckett University,
Leeds, LS2 8NU

Below we have listed more of the work we have done since Health Together was established in 2012. This includes briefings, reports and presentations from seminars and events as well as project work.

Early in 2013 we were commissioned by the Local Government Association to facilitate a series of area based workshops on a whole system approach to assets based working and health improvement in Walsall, which we did in collaboration with the Federation of Community Development Learning. Find more information here

In early 2013 we were also commissioned by Sheffield City Council to facilitate a series of consultation events to engage the voluntary and community sector in the development of their joint strategic needs assessment. Judy White and Mark Gamsu can be viewed here talking about the events they facilitated.

In May/June 2014 Health Together undertook a review of health trainer data for the national Data Collection and Reporting Service. The report of this work summarises health trainer activity in the financial year 2013-2014, using data recorded on the DCRS. Not all health trainer services use the DCRS to record their activity (some use other systems and some do not use electronic systems at all), so the figures in this report do not represent the whole picture of what health trainers are doing nationally. Nevertheless, with approximately 60% of health trainer services still using the DCRS, it is an important central resource for assessing the activity of health trainers in England and the report provides a useful overview of activity in the past year with a particular focus on mental health and wellbeing, in relation to client demographics and achievement of personal health plan goals. The trainer data report can be found here.

In January/February 2013 we facilitated group activities at a series of four Joint Strategic Needs Assessment consultation events for Sheffield City Council and provided an on the spot summary of the key points emerging from the groups. We also contributed to a members’ review of public health, advising on what ‘people-centred public health’ might look like.

In the spring and summer of 2013 we undertook an evaluation of a pilot run by East Riding Health Trainer Service which aimed to reach and support fishermen, related workers and their families to improve their health. The pilot was initially funded by the Seamen's Hospital Society and the evaluation involved analysing the monitoring data and case stories collected by the health trainers; talking to clients (eight were interviewed over the telephone); the two health trainers and three stakeholders. The aim of the evaluation was to discover: how far the service had been successful in reaching fishermen and their families: whether the service had been effective in supporting them to improve their health and well-being: what the views of clients were of the service and what factors were key to determining the effectiveness of the pilot.

Strengthening the Voice of Neighbourhoods
In 2013 we did a small piece of work with Locality which involved interviewing the chief officers of four community organisations in Yorkshire with an established track record of providing health and wellbeing services. These views were then tested at a half-day workshop with a larger group of Locality members and the results written up as a briefing which calls for a rebalancing of commissioning to give greater consideration to the needs of communities and neighbourhoods. The recent creation of Health and Wellbeing Boards (HWBs) and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) provides an opportunity to develop more locally relevant delivery models, however the danger is that without an active local development agenda commissioners will continue to rely predominantly on universal authority level services that do not take sufficient account of localised needs. The briefing sets out a series of recommendations for local and national stakeholders that would enable this rebalancing to occur. The "Strengthening the Voice of Neighbourhoods" report can be found here.

Strengthening the Voluntary Sector in Calderdale
In 2016 Health Together reviewed the outcome of a £3m programme funded by Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group and delivered by Voluntary Action Calderdale. The programme aimed to increase the capacity and capability of the voluntary sector in Calderdale - with the aim of strengthening the role of the voluntary and community sector in health and care delivery. A summary of the final report is available here.

Putting 'the public' back into public health - Building the experience of citizens into public health evidence

Getting the experiences of the general public involved in the commissioning of public health activity was the subject of debate at a conference held at Leeds Beckett University.

David Hunter - What Constitutes Evidence in Public Health PPTX

Jane South - Building the voice of citizens into public health evidence - why it's important? PPTX

Mike Kelly - Building the voice of citizens into public health evidence - the view from NICE PPT

Alison Hill - 'Building the voice of citizens into public health evidence - the view from the PHE' PPTX

Recent Seminars

People-Centred Public Health
A new book by Jane South, Judy White and Mark Gamsu, People Centred Public Health, was launched on Friday 15th February 2013. See

Dr Ruth Hussey (Chief Medical Officer for Wales) and David Hunter (Professor of Health Policy and Management, Durham University) spoke at the event and a debate on what an equitable and people-centred public health system would look like took place. For links to the talks and debate click on the appropriate link below.

To view Peter Duncan's presentation "Public Health moves back to local authorities – are there lessons from the recent history of health promotion?" please click here.

To listen back on Dave Bucks presentation "Clustering of Unhealthy Behaviours" please click here.

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