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Contact Us

To contact the Health Together team please use the details below.

Judy White
Director of Health Together,
Direct dial: 07780493024

Sue Rooke
Health Together Administrator,
Direct dial: 0113 812 1957

Postal Address:
Health Together, CL 518,
Faculty of Health & Social Sciences,
Leeds Beckett University,
Leeds, LS2 8NU

  • The team have published widely in the area of community engagement.
  • For article published in Health Services Journal in December 2015 ‘Move patient and public involvement from the margins to the mainstream’ see here.
  • A guide to community health interventions, was developed by Jane South, Professor of Healthy Communities in 2015 and has been published by Public Health England (PHE) and NHS England. For a copy of the guide click here.
  • Jane South co-edited an edition of Perspectives in Public Health which was published in July 2013. This includes: a guest editorial ‘Building the evidence base for health trainers’ written by Dr Shelina Visram and Professor Jane South; ‘A change of mind set: one health trainer’s view of the service’ by Tony Crawford (a health trainer in Leeds) and Jenny Woodward (Health Together); and ‘Addressing inequalities in health – what is the contribution of health trainers?’ by Judy White, Jenny Woodward and Jane South (all from Health Together). All these articles were published in Perspectives in Public Health, Special Issue on Community Health Workforce July 2013 Vol. 133 No. 4
  • South, J., Branney, P. & Kinsella, K. 2011a. Citizens bridging the gap? Interpretations of volunteering roles in two public health projects. Voluntary Sector Review, 2, 297-315.
  • South J, Sahota P,(2010) Harnessing People Power in Health Promotion, Primary Health Care, 20, 8 16-21
  • We publish regular briefings on Government policy and are able to help organisations design their own bespoke community or patient engagement policies. One of our team, Mark Gamsu, has co-authored a briefing on Healthwatch with the Local Government Association. Useful to read alongside this is a further briefing on Healthwatch from the Local Government Association.

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