Influence of Military Preventive policy for recruit Training on COVID-19 seroconversion; part of approved protocol 1070MODREC20 ‘The influence of stress and lifestyle on illness and injury during phase one training

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This project is investigating the seroconversion rates for SARS-CoV-2, the causative virus of COVID-19 disease in young people, against military recruits taking the nutritional supplement vitamin D.

The study is looking for males and females aged 18 to 33 living in Leeds to take part. Participation will help improve the understanding of how SARS-CoV-2 spreads. Volunteers will receive a £25 Amazon Voucher on completion of the study.

If you are interested in taking part, you can sign up using our online questionnaire. Alternatively, please contact the IMPACT-COVID team.

An overview of the study can be found below, but more detailed information can be found on the participant information sheet.

  1. What is the purpose of this research?

    This study is a subset of a larger project asking if a set of prevention measures in military recruits can reduce the spread of coronavirus. The research aims to understand whether military recruits who are taking prevention measures, including vitamin D, show different rates of infection from the virus SARS-CoV-2 that causes COVID-19 compared with an age matched civilian population. This should help demonstrate whether coronavirus infection can be suppressed below the expected level in young adults with simple and cost-effective strategies.

  2. Who is doing this research?

    Researchers from Leeds Beckett University and the Defence Medical Services (Army, Navy and Air Force medics) are undertaking this important research. The team is working with our university and military community to investigate ways of reducing the impact of coronavirus.

  3. What does the research study include?

    Volunteers will be asked to have blood tests at the beginning and end of the 16-week study to examine calcium, and vitamin D levels. In addition, blood samples will be taken to measure previous SARS-CoV-2 infection at regular time points. Volunteers will also be asked to complete a questionnaire regularly to record any symptoms experienced that relate to COVID-19. The research is happening during the first and second terms of Academic Year 2020/21 and will require two visits to the Carnegie School of Sport building on Headingley Campus. It should be a simple, yet highly informative study and its results could make a big difference to people just like you.

  4. Who can take part?

    We are looking for males and females aged 18 to 33 living in Leeds to take part in this study. There are some exclusion criteria, so if you are interested in taking part please read the participant information sheet carefully, before signing up.

    Public Health England guidelines recommends taking vitamin D supplements during the coronavirus pandemic. However, this study is only looking to recruit volunteers who have made the decision to not take vitamin D.

    If you are interested in taking part, you can sign up using our online questionnaire. 

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