Information for Applicants: Teaching and Learning - Academic Year 2021/22

Version 1

Published 16 June 2021

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Summary information and communication

  1. Our aim, in the Academic Year 2021/22, is to ensure that our students experience Leeds Beckett University, and our courses, to their full. We will follow guidance from Public Health England, the Department for Education and all other recognised government agencies in full and keep matters under close review at all times.
  2. Although nothing can be absolutely certain at present, we anticipate that there will be some social distancing measures in place during the opening months of the Academic Year. For this reason, we are currently planning a mixed mode of teaching, ensuring that classes can be delivered online where this is necessary.
  3. We will keep you informed of our response to any changes through updates on our website; more specific updates will be provided by your School. You may find it helpful to refer to the Office for Students guidance and FAQs for students and the Office of Independent Adjudicators FAQs for students. The current 2020/21 course specifications are available on our course webpages. Updated course specifications will be available on our website in August 2021.

Undergraduate material information

Information for applicants

Our University’s approach to teaching and learning in 2021/22 will continue to be informed and guided by Public Health England, the Department for Education and other relevant official bodies (such as the Office for Students). In responding to this guidance, we will adopt the following principles:

  1. The health and safety of students and staff is our chief concern.
  2. We will ensure that all of our students will be able to meet the learning outcomes of their courses, be assessed rigorously but fairly and be able to achieve the standards of outcome they would have expected.
  3. We will ensure that courses accredited by Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies will continue to receive that accreditation.
  4. We will prioritise the accessibility of specialist space and equipment, that is important to enabling the successful completion of a module, or course, over general teaching space and study facilities.
  5. Where PPE is an essential requirement for the course you are undertaking, your course team will provide details in advance of the commencement of your studies.
  6. Assessment will take account of the need for social distancing. We do not intend to conduct on-campus formal examinations and on-line examinations will only be scheduled where it is stipulated by a Professional, Statutory or Regulatory Body.
  7. We will make on-campus learning and support facilities available to students through a mixture of physical and online environments, ensuring that everyone can get the support they need. There will be online booking systems to support access to learning spaces and much of your learning material will be available online. You can book an appointment via telephone or online video chat with an adviser on our website or email the team at
  8. We will maintain a stable teaching and learning environment, keeping our arrangements in place throughout each semester and ensuring that everyone is prepared for changes as the opportunity to make them arises. The 2021/22 academic calendar and term dates are available on our website.
  9. We anticipate that social distancing, and other health and safety considerations, will have an impact on placements, internships, and travel (both domestic and international). We have successfully undertaken UK-based activities in 2020/21 and anticipate these will continue. However, we are not currently supporting international placements or exchange activities unless the location is the domicile address of the student concerned. Students arriving from locations outside the UK will be subject to any required quarantine arrangements.
  10. We will continue to offer support to students in hardship and those who have difficulties in gaining online access to their teaching and learning materials. The University has established a Digital Access Fund Scheme to provide financial support towards the cost of purchasing a Windows or Apple laptop. The University also has a laptop loans scheme.
  11. There will be no change to published fee levels for 2021/22.12. We will maintain a focus on communication at course level, ensuring that all our students understand the situation as it affects their course and its particular requirements.

Key terms and conditions

Further important information for applicants and students is available on our website. This includes information about the student contract, fees and funding, your rights of cancellation, the student protection plan and the University complaints process. It is essential that you read the information on this webpage carefully as it sets out the rights and obligations that will form the contract between you and the University upon accepting an offer and information about how to make a complaint.