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Zhe's Story

Zhe graduated in 2009 with an MA in International Business. While studying at Leeds Beckett, he developed new methods of critical thinking and strengthened his knowledge of practical business skills. The MA in International Business course improved his confidence in English speaking and writing, and he has gone on to work as an English teacher, working with students who want to study abroad and preparing them for the IELTS English Language Test. 

Why Leeds?

Zhe chose to study at Leeds Beckett because he wanted to become fully immersed in English culture. “To British culture lovers, studying in the UK is the best way to get a purely authentic English experience. Less than two years of studying in the UK was enough for me to love the Premier League, develop an English accent, and join a weekly football team!” Living in the Opal One accommodation also provided Zhe with opportunities to live with students from many different cultures and nationalities. 

Studying at Leeds Beckett

In addition to the cultural aspects of studying in Leeds, Zhe was also drawn to Leeds Beckett’s historical background as a reputable public university. He took advantage of the wide range of study resources and facilities that were available for students to utilise, including the 24/7 library services. The academic rigor of his course required him to be more diligent and independent in his work, and has allowed him to transfer knowledge and skills to future prospective students.

Advice for Chinese Students

Zhe would recommend our University to others, and his experience at Leeds Beckett has shaped his advice for prospective students: “My advice for Chinese students coming to Leeds Beckett is to become friends with students from different countries, so you can improve your English communication skills. To succeed academically, I recommend two simple steps: preview and review. When you preview your reading and course materials, you will be able to follow along with the tutor more easily. Afterwards, you can review what you have learned to strengthen your knowledge and prepare for exams.” 
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