International student Q&A | Ning

  1. What are the 5 best things about studying in Leeds?

    • The friends that I’ve made 
    • The natural environment around me
    • I’m spoilt for choice for running routes in Leeds
    • Campus life is great
    • Lots of accessible transport, so it’s easy to travel to different places 

  2. Why did you choose to study at Leeds Beckett?

    I chose LBU because of the quality of the teaching staff in the Carnegie School of Sport as well as the modules on offer. Not to mention the affordable tuition fees as an international student while maintaining the quality of the teaching curriculum. 

  3. Have you received support as a student?

    I received academic support from my academic advisor throughout the programme and application support from a member of recruitment staff while I was still in Malaysia. Both these people have been nothing but helpful and supportive with constant check-ins and quick replies to any enquiries I have in order to make the process smooth and enjoyable.  

    As a Global Ambassador, I have also participated in the online Global Village Café events, where I got to share my experience and culture with other international students, which was very fun. 

  4. What advice would you give to someone from your country thinking of studying or currently studying in the UK?

    Prepare what you can before you arrive, and when you’re here, just go with the flow and enjoy what the UK throws at you. As enjoyable as the UK can be as an international student, there may be times where you will miss your family and friends back home, so keep in touch once in a while. And remember, the best fun comes from the things you least expect!