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#WeAreTogether is a multi-university project, in response to the ongoing COVID-19 situation. Our aim is to spread as much positivity and togetherness as possible, and stay connected to our international community. We want to highlight all the extraordinary work that our staff and students are doing in order to support each other. Check out our quotes and videos below, as well as news from across the university.
Quote: Our international officers run a virtual cafe, where you can just drop in, have a cup of tea if you want to and have a chat. It doesn't have to be about anything in particular, you can just drop in and talk about how your week has been.
Quote: in my church, we're doing a lot of reaching out to help people we know are less privileged within the community
Quote: there's a good sense of community. We keep in touch with our students on a daily basis, and it works both ways, the students really care about international staff as well which is really nice.
Quote: I've got more time to speak to students, and am happy to support students, and to make them confident when they have any questions about university.
Quote: I helped order food online for our current students in Leeds as I know online shopping in the UK well, and also posted them face masks.
Quote: In this time of crisis, I think it is the strength of being together which will take us through. We Are Together.
Quote: every person is reaching out in their own way, especially to support people who are on the front line. The other day, my neighbour came out on his balcony and had a mini-concert to raise morale and make people feel good.
Quote: We have been posting a variety of things people can do online, different activities like virtual museum tours and things like that, as well as cross-sharing ideas with other people who are dealing with students
Quote: It's nice to see people from different worlds just helping each other. I have international colleagues who I see once a year, that I'm talking to every day to help students.
Quote: Supporting students during the Coronavirus pandemic is one of our top priorities. To keep students engaged with what we are doing, a small chit chat on whats app to discuss about how they are feeling, developments at the university and the kind of support they can get from us.
Quote: we're really coming to this as a team, as a sector-wide effort, to address the issues of the Coronavirus fallout and how that affects our students.
Quote: I've been talking to the Student Union, to current students, to their parents, to students overseas who are preparing to join us in September. Lots and lots of activity going on, and it's been really great to connect with students and learn their situation.

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