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North India

Tibet Relief Fund

Interested in applying for summer 2019 - please email volunteering@leedsbeckett.ac.uk and we will add you to our interested list.

The Tibet Relief Fund is a charity founded in 1959, within months of the Dalai Lama arriving in India following his escape from Tibet. Thousands of Tibetans followed him, crossing the Himalayas on foot to begin a life in exile as refugees. TRF support exiled refugee communities by sponsoring educational and healthcare activities to improve lives though empowerment and increase job opportunities. You will live in a Tibetan community and volunteer in one of two schools; Ngoenga, a special educational needs schools or Rajpur, a mainstream school. The work will be challenging but fun and rewarding.

Volunteers will gain a real insight into both the Tibetan and Indian cultures, gaining much more than a tourist passing through the country.

Volunteer Role(s):

We are looking for volunteers with either experience of, or a passion for, working with children and young people. Volunteers will run activities with an educational emphasis, this may include games, crafts, English teaching, sports, reading, writing and working with children with special educational needs. There is also the opportunity for experienced/ final year physiotherapists to develop and deliver a programme with school staff to support physically disabled pupils. Volunteers will work in pairs to deliver activities in Ngoenga school for the disabled and mainstream TRF schools across the following themes:

  1. Teaching & education studies;
  2. Social work & youth development;
  3. Play work;
  4. Sports and PE;
  5. Counselling and therapeutic studies;
  6. Arts therapy;
  7. Physiotherapy and occupational therapy.
  • Project location: Dehradun, North India
  • Duration: Two weeks + optional + plus optional free-time week
  • Accommodation: Guesthouse, sharing a twin room with fellow volunteers
  • Fundraising: £100 contribution towards the charity you are working with

Project Fees: £1150  (all first-time volunteers are eligible for our £250 bursary, which would make total fees payable £900)

Facebook page - please ensure that you are following us on social media to keep updated with our latest news and events.

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