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International Volunteering Resources


Venturing to a new country can be daunting and may put you out of your comfort zone. Whether you've got tonnes of experience with children or have never spent much time with them, your mind may draw a blank when it comes to activity planning and therefore it's good to have something to refer to if you're in need of inspiration.

To help you please see our playwork resource pack, full of group games and art & crafts ideas.

Playwork resource pack


Fundraising can be scary to those who have not done any before. By committing to one of our International Volunteering project, you will have to do some fundraising for the community organisation that you are visiting but we also encourage all our volunteers to fundraise to help cover some your project costs too. As long as you are honest with people about what you are fundraising for, we find people are very generous either way. This helpful guide will give you really helpful, practical advise on the best ways to fundraise.

Fundraising Guide

Social Media Guide

Going overseas can be a great opportunity to experience and learn about the world! But how can we most effectively raise awareness of our overseas experiences using social media, keeping in mind the impact our information can have on people at home as well as the impact on the people with whom we worked in communities overseas?

Social Media Guide

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