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Art Science Fiction Symposium



The ART SCIENCE FICTION symposium was organised by Leeds Beckett University in association with Leeds Art Gallery and British Art Show 8. The organisation committee included Chris Bloor, Peter Lewis, Rob Shail and Simon Morris.

Speakers included two keynote presenters: cultural critic and Science Fiction author Mark von Schlegell, flying in from Cologne in Germany and Brian Catling, Artist, Professor of Art at the Ruskin School of Art, Oxford, Science Fiction author and Royal Academician. Also speaking at the conference were the renowned painter Milena Dragicevic, the postgraduate research student and Science Fiction author Maxine Gee, from the University of York and our very own academic and artist Nathaniel Mellors, remotely contributing from Los Angeles, California with a film. For the ART SCIENCE FICTION the ampersand and the hyphen, between the words Art & Science-Fiction were purposefully removed. Instead of it being an event about Art & Science-Fiction, the three terms were destabilised and left floating together, but alone, in a polyphonic embrace. Each element coexisted but coexisted in its difference without collapsing into a single homogenous whole. We were left wondering exactly what was the relationship between these three words and at the symposium, our honoured guests, both speakers and audience, addressed this very question.