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PhD and DBA Supervision

We are constantly developing our focus for PhD research. If you wish to develop research and ideas in one of our research areas please contact the Centre.

Members of the Centre have supervised almost 50 PhD/DBA students over the past five years.

Successful candidates include:

  • Lee Edwards: Power in Public Relations, a Bordeusian Perspective
  • Joanna Fawkes: Jungian Analysis of professional ethics and the PR profession
  • David Hufton: Decision making, discretion and responsibility in policing
  • Robert McGee: Global responsibility and trading
  • Henri Ogiri: Public Policy Perspective of CSR Formulation in Nigeria
  • Ismail Sezgin: Responsibility and Islam
  • Fiona Robertson: Integrated Reporting

Ongoing PhDs focused in the area include:

  • Marie Kerr: Ethical/value based MBA
  • Henri Kuokkanen: An economic perspective on CSR
  • Joseph Albasu: Ethics and social responsibility in the privatization and commercialisation of government organisations in Nigeria
  • Nundini Akaloo: Responsible leadership in secondary education
  • Michael Taylor: How do SME owner-managers use ethical governance in their decision making process to resolve conflict between stakeholders?

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