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Research Projects

Research Projects

  • The Finance and Sustainability International Programme (FAS 2009-2015)
    This is an international research project jointly initiated by five institutions in September 2009: the Research Club of French Institute of Directors (France), Corporate Governance and Sustainability Research Group (CGSRG) at Leeds Beckett University (UK), the International Research Network for Organisations and Sustainable Development (RIODD, France), the International Academic Association on Governance (Italy) and the Finance Observatory (Switzerland). The first stage of the programme was completed in August 2012. The major achievements include: (1) Editing two special issues of the well-known French journal Economies et Societes (Economies and Societies) published in 2010 and 2012; (2) Organising a special conference track ‘Finance and Sustainability’ at the International Federation of Scholarly Associations of Management (IFSAM) world conference in Paris in July 2010; (3) Organising a conference track ‘Financial Debt and Ecological Debt’ at the International Research Network for Organizations and Sustainable Development (RIODD) 7th Congress in May 2012; (4) Organising a conference track ‘Finance and Sustainability’ at the International Research Network of Organisations and Sustainable Development (RIODD) 8th Congress in June 2013. (5) Editing a book Finance and Sustainability: Towards a New Paradigm? A Post-Crisis Agenda published by Emerald in 2011; (6) Organising a series of research workshops held in France from 2009 to 2012.
  • The Evaluation of Performance Management Framework, led by Dave Devins and the Policy Research Institute. The PRI has had a longstanding interest in the social and economic impacts of employers’ approaches to the management of their human resources, particularly for those groups at risk of marginalisation in the labour market. For example, it has researched and evaluated publicly funded interventions to manage the implications of organisational downsizing and labour market restructuring for Government Departments, regional and local agencies. It has also undertaken research to explore the role that human resource management policies and practices play in providing sustainable employment opportunities for a variety of socio-economic groups including young people, women, older people and ethnic groups. Recent research recognises that it may not be easy to create economic efficiency, ecological and social sustainability without a fundamental change in many organisations, and through case studies the PRI seeks to influence this agenda. The PRI has been established for almost 25 years and has delivered research directly related to social responsibility in excess of £1m research.
  • Applied Global Ethics, led by Simon Robinson, an international research project over five years. Partners for this project include: International Centre for Alcohol Policy Studies, Washington DC (value conflict and plurality); World Anti-Drug Agency (ethical decision making and drugs); Higher Education Academy (ethics and responsibility in relation to HE curriculum); AHRC (spirituality and migration); Erasmus (spirituality ethics and sport, with Olomouc University, and Charles V University, Prague).
  • Corporate Communication and Responsibility, led by Ralph Tench.
  • Communication Modelling for Carnegie Weight Management Training and Awareness Programme – Sheffield, led by Ralph Tench.
  • Corporate Governance and CSR in the Global Financial Crisis, led by William Sun.
  • Corporate Governance and Sustainability, led by William Sun.
  • Commission for Rural Communities: Best Practice in Best Practice Dissemination
  • Department of Health: Competencies of Health Economy Communicators, including Ethical Behaviours Research
  • West Yorkshire Police: Appraisal of Community Communications
  • Department of Work and Pensions: Internal Communications Audit, Including Work on Ethical Engagement
  • Department of Work and Pensions: Usability of DWP Websites, undertaken by a team from Arts, Environment & Technology.
  • Department of Health: ‘What Good Looks Like’ – World Class Communications, led by Paul Willis. This research formed the basis of the DoH Policy Document ‘The Communicating Organisation’, which has underpinned all communication work in the NHS and has been used around the world as a benchmark of good practice in, for example, Sweden, Italy, Portugal, South Africa, Australasia, Singapore.
  • Calderdale MBC and Calderdale Interfaith Council: Study of Faith Sector in Calderdale, undertaken by ERBEDU.
  • Strategic Interventions in Communications: CEO and CCO perspectives: Three Country Study. A comparative study in Italy and the UK on best-practice in public relations, including its impact on governance.
  • Yorkshire and Humber Strategic Health Authority: Benchmarking success in Communication. A study which looks at embedding accountability for decision-making at all levels in NHS organisations.
  • South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust: Perceptions, Views and Values. Looked at values-based decision-making in this organisation. Led by Paul Willis.

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