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Bramley Healthy Food Futures

Although convenience stores and takeaway outlets are key sources of food for many people in the UK, both tend to have limited healthy and fresh food options. In overcoming diet related diseases such as obesity, the places where food is bought and the options that are available have become a focus of public health change. Working with local food retailers is essential to improve access to healthier food but motivating businesses to make changes can be difficult. 

This research seeks to explore the barriers and opportunities that food businesses in an area of Leeds experience in terms of making healthy changes to their food offerings. In doing so, the project aims to provide insights into how local food businesses may be able to boost access to healthy diets. 

The project will: 

  • Map the food retail environment in Bramley, Leeds 
  • Investigate current customer food choices 
  • Explore the current role food businesses play in enabling healthier choices 
  • Identify factors that affect decision making, ability or willingness to apply strategies to encourage healthy consumer food and beverage purchases
  • Explore what public health practitioners and business owners have to offer each other in creating a more supportive environment for healthier food choices

The research will inform the approach adopted by businesses to encourage consumers to make healthier food choices and aims to contribute to the public policy debate both within Leeds and beyond. 

Research team: Professor Ralph Tench and Gemma Bridge 

Duration: May-August 2020 

Partners/Funders: Leeds City Council, Community Committee and Barca Leeds

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