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The European Communication Monitor

The European Communication Monitor (ECM) is the largest and longest running transnational study of strategic communication worldwide. The ECM explores current practices and future developments of strategic communication and public relations in companies, non-profits and other organisations including communication agencies. It has been conducted annually since 2007 and has been complemented by biannual surveys in other regions (Latin America, Asia-Pacific) since 2014. The communication monitor series is known as the most comprehensive research in the field worldwide, altogether covering more than 80 countries. It is the only continuous global research in the field which adheres to full standards of empirical research and provides transparency about its sampling procedures and respondents.

A joint study by academia and practice, the ECM is organised by the European Public Relations Education and Research Association (EUPRERA) and the European Association of Communication Directors (EACD), supported by different partners and sponsors over the years. The study has been created and is led by a team of five renowned research academics: Ralph Tench (Leeds Beckett University, United Kingdom), Ansgar Zerfass from the University of Leipzig in Germany, Ángeles Moreno (University Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain), Dejan Verčič (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia) and Piet Verhoeven (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands).

Results have been reported in more than 160 peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, contributions in professional magazines, keynotes, presentations and webinars in multiple languages on various continents. Full reports for each annual study along with articles, web videos and other content explaining key results are available at:

Over the last eleven years more than 25,000 European communication professionals from over 40 countries participated in the survey of the monitor. Every year tens of thousands (40,000 in 2016) throughout Europe are invited with personal emails based on a database provided by the EACD. Additional invitations are sent via national research collaborators and professional associations. The online questionnaires (in English) are based on research questions and hypotheses derived from previous research and literature; they are pre-tested with communication professionals from various countries.

The European Communication Monitor is led by professors from renowned universities within the framework of the European Public Relations Education and Research Association (EUPRERA) together with the European Association of Communication Directors (EACD), supported by Prime Research International, a global leader in communication research.

The European Communication Monitor addresses highly debated topics such as the challenges of ‘big data’ for communicators and the relevance of algorithms and automated PR. Moreover, the survey focuses on: new ways to enable top management and other staff; stakeholder engagement; the role of social media influencers; as well as social media skills and management competencies. It will identify characteristics of excellent communication departments and explore commonalities and differences across Europe. Country-to-country comparisons and benchmarks of different types of organisations (private and joint-stock companies, non-profit, governmental, agencies, etc.) will ensure that the results are relevant for all those working in the field.


Reports: ECM 2020 Charts

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