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Integrated Reporting in SMEs

INTEREST is a transnational project that seeks to develop a framework, guide and curriculum to support the development of integrated thinking and reporting in business. Integrated Reporting (<IR>) is a relatively new reporting model which draws on integrated thinking to provide a clear view of the value created by a business not just for owners, investors and managers but for a number of other business stakeholders such as employees, customers and suppliers. The process of Integrated Thinking encourages a shift in focus away from meeting short-term financial goals to developing a long-term business strategy which takes into account wider social, economic and environmental developments and the creation of value in a sustainable business.

This project will co-create a guide to support the development and implementation of <IR> in SMEs. It will provide practical advice and guidance to help SMEs develop an integrated approach to value creation, decision-making and reporting. The guide will be complemented by e-learning and work-based learning materials to prepare current and future generations of accountants and business leaders for the significant environmental challenges facing businesses in the 21st century.

The project is funded under the European Commission Erasmus Strategic Partnerships from October 2019 – April 2022.

To find out more, please visit the project website.

Project partners: Budapest Business School University of Applied Sciences (Hungary), Waal University of Applied Sciences (Germany), University of Wroclaw (Poland), University of Udine (Italy), MAC Team (Belgium), European Federation of Accountants and Auditors and Business Hungary 

Leeds Beckett Team: Dr. Brian Jones (Principal Investigator) with Dr. Fiona Robertson, Dr Albana Rasha and Professor David Devins


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