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Sustainable Business Research Institute


The Leeds Business School Sustainable Business Research Institute (SuBRI) harnesses the skills and capabilities of Leeds Beckett University academics in business and related disciplines to understand, explain and challenge the future issues facing all commercial organisations.

The Institute and the research and enterprise clusters within it reflect the multidisciplinary contributions required to respond to core business issues of leadership, responsibility and accountability as well as performance.

Our mission is to address the global challenges facing business growth, performance and sustainability but to do so in a spirit of responsibility.

Professor Ralph Tench - Leeds Business School Director of Research

The Institute operates as a hub for promoting, generating and inspiring innovative research and scholarly activity which make a societal difference. The School’s vision is to maximise the impact on regional agendas and priority sectors with the aim of being one of the most aligned management schools with contemporary business practice. Through the Institute Leeds Business School academics are responding to the UK Industrial Strategy and use it as a vehicle to deliver regional innovation strategy plans.

The Institute aim is:

To support future sustainable business performance, leadership and responsibility

Core themes for the Institute are:

Plus Icon Theme 1 - Sustainable Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Sustainable Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (led by Professor Douglas and Professor Devins) includes issues of SME engagement and innovative approaches to engage with industry sectors.
Plus Icon Theme 2 - Productivity and management of performance

Productivity and management of performance (led by Professor Devins and Dr O. Jones) focuses on locally oriented enterprise agendas and initiatives. In particular, the opportunities arising from the Northern Powerhouse concept and related policy. This theme links to the activities of the successful Leadership Centre within the School.

Plus Icon Theme 3 - Consumer behaviour

Consumer behaviour (led by Dr B. Jones) engages colleagues from the Marketing Subject and also connects with TRI which has three key foci: consumers of the future; supply chain-oriented product and packaging innovation; and retail business globalisation.

Plus Icon Theme 4 - Responsible governance and leadership

Responsible governance and leadership is integrated into The Centre for Governance, Leadership and Global Responsibility (CGLGR; led by Professor Robinson and Dr Sun). The Centre encompasses areas of research in the theory and practice of integrated pedagogy and professional development, creating significant links across the public-private divide. This is complemented by research undertaken on strategic communication (reputation management and ethical issues); led by Professor Tench.

Plus Icon Theme 5 - Strategic communication

Strategic communication (led by Professor Tench) is a long-standing area of research with international impact. The theme covers research into organisational use of strategic communication for public and private sector organisations as well as exploring the role and impact of communication on societal issues such as health, sustainability and responsibility.

Plus Icon Theme 6 - Economics, Analytics and International Business

Economics, Analytics and International Business (led by Professor Rhodes and Professor Morgan) and includes researchers whose work is integrated into all these areas of economic policy, including issues of financial stability and corporate activity (taxation, CSR and other related issues).

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If you want to know more about the Institute and the research and enterprise activities of Leeds Business School review some of the projects below or contact Leeds Business School’s Research Director, Professor Ralph Tench telephone 0113 8127539

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