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Leeds Digital Boot Camp - Businesses

Information For Businesses

Leeds Beckett University, supported by Leeds City Council are launching a Digital Boot Camp, aimed at students and graduates which will take place in September 2017. The objective of this boot camp is to provide a unique learning experience which will upskill students and create a job ready workforce as well as a sustainable talent pipeline for the sector.

"Leeds Beckett University has worked closely with the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership and West Yorkshire Combined Authority to develop a business-led digital boot camp that will develop the digital skills and attributes that are highly sought-after among businesses in Leeds City Region and those looking to locate here. There are around 8,500 self-identifying digital and technology businesses in the city employing 70,000 people, with around 3,000 job listings within these companies at any one time. With exciting career opportunities including in fintech, gaming, health data and data storage, and a third of skills gaps in Leeds City region due to advanced/specialist IT skills, the LEP and Combined Authority welcome the University’s activity to develop these skills in their graduates and undergraduates." Michelle Burton, Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership

The prestigious boot camp will be aimed at high achieving students and graduates from universities across the city, who are pursuing a career in the digital sector. The boot camp will be aimed at both technical and business focussed students and will provide two learning pathways with a soft skills wrap around. The concept of this highly practical boot camp is a series of workshops hosted and delivered by digital businesses across the Leeds City Region providing students with a real life, practical learning experience.

This innovative boot camp aims to:

  • Drive economic growth in the Leeds City Region
  • Help create a long term, sustainable talent pipeline in the Leeds City Region
  • Provide businesses with exposure to leading education providers
  • Upskill students and graduates
  • Create employment ready students
  • Showcase Leeds City region businesses to top talent
  • Give Businesses the opportunity to talent spot
  • Reduce expensive recruitment fees for business
  • Provide Businesses with an opportunity to contribute to digital learning


We require funding to create a high quality, innovative learning experience. The boot camp model is not for profit; we only require funding to cover costs. Boot camp partners will be involved in shaping this exciting learning experience. Your contribution will help us to:

  • Recruit high calibre student and graduates
  • Enable Academics to facilitate the program
  • Offer bursary opportunities
  • Provide transport and accommodation for students
  • Host evening networking events throughout the boot camp
  • Run a graduation ceremony

We have three different boot camp partner rates enabling Businesses and Organisations of all sizes to participate and contribute to the boot camp:

  • Corporate Rate = £5,000 per boot camp
  • SME Rate = £1,500 per boot camp
  • Start up and Micro Business = £500 per boot camp

Your Contribution will be rewarded with:

  • Exclusive brand positioning
  • Branding on all printed and digital marketing material
  • Priority mentions on social media and PR
  • Awards for graduates of boot camp sponsored by your business
  • Lead and host student workshops
  • Invitations to networking events

Contact Us

For further information and to get involved please contact Bella Gamsu:

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