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Victoria Patterson - Pink Darker

2019 MA Art & Design Show

Title: Tacit Agreements Part II

Date: 2 September 2019 - 6 September 2019

Location: Studio B206, Broadcasting Place, Woodhouse Lance, LS2 9EN

Building on the success of the first 'Tacit Agreements', which was part of the Yorkshire Sculpture International, this exhibition showcased work from 24 of our students.

The first part of Tacit Agreements, which responded to the invitation to be a part of Yorkshire Sculpture International, was a very different exhibition, yet continues the relationship in Part 2.

Tacit Agreements, installed at Gallery House, applied the algorithm from GPS technology to derive unique visual forms of place and memory. The second part took the notion of agreements that emerged in the process to provide arguments for an exhibition assembled of alternate histories and cultural differences. The exhibition, composed of 24 participants from the MA Art and Design course considered the original forms that have composed and bonded our picture of the world as no longer stable, or decidable. By thinking about the physical fragility of things as art, and making use of their histories and materials at hand, we ask a simple question of the tacit differences that determine the space of its exhibition.  What conditions require our collective reinvention?


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