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We are Leeds School of Architecture.

The Festival website is the culmination of the year’s work, showcasing student projects from across the school including Architecture, Urban Design, Landscape Architecture and Interior Architecture Courses. This year Leeds School of Architecture questioned what architecture and the built environment can contribute to the world we live in from a cultural, social and political point of view. As a result, we have expanded modes of practice, research and inter-disciplinary work to inform new critical voices and collectively empower creative minds to tackle our current environmental and ethical challenges. It is in such moments as this, that our continued school ethos of collaboration enables new design problems and solutions to emerge. The projects exhibited within this ‘Festival’ demonstrate the many student successes as result of the school’s continued collective action, studio agendas and the commitment of its students, tutors and staff.

In 2020 MArch Students working with BA(Hons) Graphics students won the Edmund N. Bacon International Design Awards, and were invited to present their winning design entry in Philadelphia, USA. BA (Hons) Architecture student work paved the way for a local community group to submit a Planning Application to Leeds City Council for a new housing scheme in Leeds’ most under-funded postcode. Kyle Crossley (BA(Hons) Architecture), won first prize along with five others, for their design at the TRADA University Challenge 2020. Molly Baker and Peter Morrison (2nd year BA (Hons) Architecture), were selected for the British Council Venice Biennale Fellowship. A team of students from different universities, including a Leeds Beckett University, were named as the winning entrant in this year’s RIBA Northern Soul Design Charrette. The Greatham Creek Seal and Bird Hide in Middlesbrough by MArch Abstract Machines Studio, made the RIBA MacEwen Award 2020 long list. Simon Feather (MArch student), is a RSA Student Award winner and his project in the ‘Branching Out’ category, Re-‘Foresting’ focused on using woodland resources to create nine innovative, model villages in England. Howard Kent (MArch student), was commissioned to build a sculpture by Leeds Art Gallery to be exhibited in their ‘New Natures’ Exhibition. BA(Hons) Landscape Architecture 2nd year students from worked with David Rhodes and White Rose Forest to explore opportunities to locate a new visitor centre at the heart of the emerging Northern Forest in Knaresborough. A group of 3rd year BA(Hons) Landscape Architecture students developed a dynamic new masterplan for the West One Office courtyard in one of the biggest office developments within the centre of Leeds; while a further group developed ideas for underused courtyards within the Chapel Allerton Hospital in Leeds, the proposals are being used to aide NHS to secure funding. Emily Rusby, post-graduate student in Landscape Architecture, was awarded one of the Landscape Design Associates (LDA) bursaries.

This year 1st year BA (Hons) Architecture students visited Rome, where they met coordinators of CivicoZero, a non-profit organisation funded by Save the Children. Students worked in collaboration with CivicoZero to develop accommodations for refugees in San Lorenzo’s district. BA (Hons) Architecture BA2/3 studios visited Paris and Derry, while MArch students travelled to Genoa, Beijing, and Philadelphia. Postgraduate Landscape students travelled to Amsterdam looking at how the city is putting green transport at the forefront of urban design policies and how this will transform urban space.

Our Students

The stories behind some of our students and their work and studies