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BA (Hons) Fashion

Saffron Williams 1

For our 2020 graduate fashion shoot we have created a basic structural concept:

There will be no body. Some might be full length images of the garments but others focus on the texture or structural detail. The aim was to play to the strengths of each garment and keep everything quite simple and minimal to retain honesty and produce evocative imagery that will stand the test of time.  


Removing the body promotes the removal of social and ethical prejudice, the aim is to give power to the viewers imagination, so they can see themselves within the picture, how they would want to be seen. Clothes should not only be worn one way, the twists and turns of the fabric within this shoot provide a further narrative to feed the imagination. Within these images the clothes are now without gender, race or body image. Yet, they do hold movement, depth, detail, and an undeniable skill