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BA (Hons) Fine Art

George Coggins - The most important Woman

BA (Hons) Fine Art

Fine Art as a subject has always responded to the circumstances of time and place. The work of our graduating students this year tells a number of stories about what it is like to be an artist today. They’re interested in forms of physical engagement: with the body as it navigates personal and public space; with our sense of smell; and with a range of materials that are tactile, edible and unruly as well as practical. They have also explored the overlooked encounters of the everyday: the small and ‘slow’ stuff of our daily existence which recent events have brought into almost overwhelming focus. And a key theme emerging this year concerns the invisibility of meaning: the personal is concealed, veiled, hidden and coded. The boundaries of public and private identity are tested and held in play as our students’ work questions who needs to know and why.

Fine Art has seen some notable successes this year. One of our final year students, Diana Odunjo, was shortlisted for the prestigious and highly competitive New Contemporaries, and although she didn’t make the final cut for the touring exhibition this was a significant achievement at undergraduate level. Our students have been developing careers as freelance artists, photographers and designers, using lockdown to build websites and online platforms to promote their work. Four final year students, Jodie McGarry, Louise Hodson, Georgia Fisher and Libby Howarth, worked hard to put together a student-led website to showcase the work of their graduating cohort. Level 5 students have continued to collaborate with the Arts Council Collection to explore their ‘Women in Sculpture’ theme, while Level 4 students produced live scores in partnership with the University of Leeds, and a set of films, ‘Monolith’, for Leeds International Festival. Students from all levels took part in a live radio broadcast, ‘CAGED’, reflecting on the impact of self-isolation on their practices. Our students have responded to the current crisis with calm and resilience, continuing to explore the themes that interest them and finding new ways of communicating with a wider audience. We are very proud of them. 

 A small group of Fine Art students organised their own site which can be found here