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BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Russell Thompson

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Russell Thompson


A typographic interpretation of Canto 33 of Dante’s Paradiso attempts to take the viewer beyond the epic poem by creating a visual ‘ascent into lightness’. Scale and space are used to take the reader on a visually engaging journey.

My interpretation of Paradiso, focuses on typographic elegance and a visual ascent into lightness using a combination of traditional and modern typefaces. From detailed serifs to punchy elegant blackletter. Images were also used to create important visual metaphors.

The outcome utilizes scale and typographic detailing in the form of ligatures and the long ‘s’ to show historical reference to the period of the poem and it’s biblical nature. Tip-in pages were used to add a modern voice to aid in communication of the poem where at some points may become hard to follow for the reader.


A large scale typographic piece that uses light and transparent material to highlight the issue of introversion and social anxieties. This piece was initially designed to be used in a larger exhibition space with accompanying artefacts, due to Covid-19 this was no longer. The transparent material was used to create depth and initially to display silhouettes in the background by using light, the use of large scale type created a loud moment for a seemingly quiet subject. Each letter created a unique piece of artwork in itself by photographing the way each letter folded and moved with the transparent sheet and the unique lines and texture of each letter.