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BSc (Hons) Computer Animation and Visual Effects

Poppy Marlow

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Poppy Marlow

My name is Poppy, I am a 3D Animator.

I've been fascinated by movement my whole life and, combined with a passion for 3D art, I fell in love with 3D animaton quickly.

After my second year I was fortunate enough to work full time in the industry on a fully 3D TV show as the lead animator. This opportunity skyrocketed my knowledge of animation and 3D in general. I have this placement and the people I worked with to thank for my skill set I used to do my third year projects.

'Tea' - animated short by Poppy Marlow

I created my animation short 'Tea' for my Advanced Animation and Visual Effects module, using the assets created for other modules. What started off as a simple piece for university work, became a little short that I felt quite proud of. Also, it taught me a fair amount about lighting and rendering which has become quite useful in presenting my animations for my reel. 

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