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BA (Hons) Product Design

Andrew Grainger

Andrew Grainger Pulp Speaker 1

Andrew Grainger / Product Design

Andrew is a third-year BA (Hons) Product Design student.

Product Design relies on practical skills, tangible modelling and in-person user feedback. The course is structured to allow student development in a combination of practical and academic environments. The introduction of lockdown changed the dynamics of the course requiring me to rethink my project and the strategies needed to achieve success.

Before lockdown was introduced, we understood the workshops may need to close with the impending restrictions. This was a problem for my project since I was exploring a material lead brief using packaging waste. I responded by creating material samples that could be applied to future designs, proving the viability of the material chosen. Also, when lockdown was introduced, I had to reassess my project and how it would be communicated to my tutors and my target market group. 

I used the changes due to lockdown particularly working from home to develop my computer aided design skills by making high quality animations and photo-realistic renders. I explored materials digitally through material mapping, using colours and textures from previous samples. Although lockdown has presented challenges for my project, overcoming them has provided me with invaluable skills for my future, increasing my employability and professional skillsets.