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BA (Hons) Fashion

Beth Cordukes

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Beth Cordukes / Fashion

A collection inspired by hiking, mountaineering and the landscape where I live. This collection focuses on the increased modern love of hiking. The colour pallets and prints are directly extracted from the vivid colours of the landscape to create a modern look to outdoor clothing.

I love where I live it is such a beautiful part of the country, there are so many beautiful walks, buildings, rivers and hidden woods in the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales and I feel so lucky to live here with my inspiration right on my doorstep. During my studies at university choosing topics to base my projects on have been very easy decision, NATURE, I love being in it so why not take inspiration from it? My final year of study has has been all things nature, my final collection I gained inspiration from lichen ,mosses and fungi, species that aren’t perceived to be beautiful but I feel are. Finally my final portfolio collection “Reaching the summit”, created whiles being in lockdown.


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