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BA (Hons) Music Performance and Production

Cameron Naylor

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Cameron Naylor / Music Performance and Production

Travel Music

Travel Music is a 20 minute Audio-Visual performance on the theme of travel and the presentation of the different day to day environments as presented through Music and Visuals.

When composing the music, I not only had to think about the point in the narrative and how I could reflect that in the music, but also how the music would interact with the visuals. This drastically changed my approach to composition and the result is a performance that is more thoughtful than my usual work. 

My influences in regard to the music are artists such as: Sigur Ros, and Brian Eno, in the way that their music is composed around a theme or narrative and each song develops further on that central focus. All tracks, however, have a main genre appropriate to their setting, and influence from the likes of 808 State, Barnes Blvd, and Efterklang can be heard at points throughout. Visually Paul Clipson’s ‘Cruel Optimism’ was a huge influence in the way I used overlapping shots and loops to create interesting textures. Agnes Varda’s ‘Le Bonheur’ was another big influence, specifically the colour transitions and the way the colour was graded. 

When I graduate, I would like to continue to develop my musicianship through bigger and better performances utilising new technologies that allow me to approach live performance in interesting ways.

To learn even more about Travel Music visit my blog.