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BA (Hons) Music Performance and Production

Eleanor Sanctuary

The EP cover art

Eleanor Sanctuary / Music Performance and Production

My name is Eleanor Sanctuary and I have just finished the BA (Hons) Performance and Production course at Leeds Beckett. This course includes education on the use of music studios. It also develops your knowledge of production and how best to work with artists. The performance side of the course uses music context and historical case studies to develop you as an artist and your ability to become a great live musician.

My final project was a four track EP named ‘Sanctuary’. The overall project included my recording techniques and official release strategy to the general public. I chose this project as I wanted to create something that was my own and based on my work and musicianship. During this project I worked with fellow course member Ebrima Fleet (@ebrmusic), who acted as the primary producer. I also worked with JJ Hanks (@jj_hanks14279) and Lucy Robinson who recorded the instruments that I could not. I wanted to use this project to create a portfolio of work as a solo artist. This also really helped with my development as a musician.

As for every student this year, COVID-19 became a big problem when trying to complete this project. I could no longer use the facilities at the University to record my EP. Nor could I go and meet up with my producer to work on recording. This meant that the task fell to me to do in my own flat. I had limited equipment to work with and very noisy surroundings, so had a tough time getting good quality recordings. I ended up surrendering to the natural sounds that were bleeding into the tracks and saw them as giving the EP more character.

During the process of creating and releasing the EP I have really enjoyed learning more about the recording stage of production. I have also enjoyed creating a social media presence from scratch and using it to build an audience that were interested in the release of my EP. I got very creative in how to keep the audience engaged by releasing covers on my YouTube channel. These covers unexpectedly received a really good reception which really helped me gain a larger audience. Another, aspect I have enjoyed was reimagining my songs in different styles to make sure they all fit nicely into the theme and style of the EP.

Finally, I would like to continue into the music industry after my graduation as a freelancer. I am hoping to use my EP as a portfolio of my work and what I am capable of. I would like to be hired to perform at events, as well as work with students as a singing teacher. All the while I would like to be working on my own progression as a solo artist.

To listen to ‘Sanctuary’, click here. 

Facebook: @EleanorSMusic

Instagram: @eleanorsanctuary