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BSc (Hons) Audio Engineering

Evie Rose

Evie Rose this one

Evie Rose / Audio Engineering

Evie has just completed her BSc (Hons) Audio Engineering course.

I have had an interest in acoustics since first learning about it in college at the age of 16 and since then I have enjoyed developing my knowledge on the subject area throughout my three years on the Audio Engineering course at Leeds Beckett. Due to this interest, I decided to base my final project on acoustics and more specifically, acoustics for performance spaces for music. My final project, “A Comparative Case Study of Performance Spaces to Investigate BS EN ISO 3382-1:2009 (+Annex A)”, focuses on creating a comparative case study between two performance spaces based on acoustic testing. To complete this testing within existing spaces, I contacted as many venues across the country as possible and got responses from two; the Leeds Town Hall and the LSO’s St Luke’s in London.

Being able to go to two incredible performance spaces and be able to carry out this testing was an amazing opportunity in itself, and to be able to use this data to create my final project was extremely
interesting. Luckily, I completed my testing at the beginning of the year before the COVID-19 lockdown was enforced. This meant that I could complete the data processing of the collected results and write my final report from home. This was still a hard task as I encountered many technical difficulties throughout the processing stage, but with the help of my tutors via email and phone calls, all problems were overcome, and the final data sets are a good representation of the two performance spaces. Using the collected data, I investigated the validity of the British Standard (3382-1:2009) to see if its methodologies and calculations were still appropriate for the testing of acoustics in performance

spaces and discussed whether or not updates should be made to the standard after its eleven years of existence without changes.

I have applied to study a master’s degree in Applied Acoustics from September so that I can further my knowledge and abilities to get a step closer to becoming an acoustic consultant. I have applied to do this master’s part time allowing me to work alongside my learning in an environment in which I can apply the knowledge I am learning. I am excited to start my master’s and get the opportunity to further my understanding from all that I have learnt at Leeds Beckett and move closer to a career in a subject I am passionate about.