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BA (Hons) Music Performance and Production

Joshua Huggard

EP Drive Artwork

Joshua Huggard / Music Performance and Production

Hello, Everyone! My name is Joshua Huggard and I have just completed three beautiful years at Leeds Beckett University whilst studying Music Performance and Production. This course is for those who want to realise and exceed their potential in contemporary production and their ability to perform live. The course leans into four main subjects; performance (group and individual), composition and arrangement, technology and production, and contextual studies, using historical case studies to enrich your knowledge of all things music.

My final project was a rescore of four scenes from the neon throwback thriller film, Drive, directed by Nicolas Winding Refn and starring Ryan Gosling. From the rescore, I wanted to produce a 4 track EP titled ‘happy Presents DRIVE’, as a way of making it more commercialised. The main premise of this project was to challenge the context of what the music did for these scenes, as a recreation would be futile. I produced, mixed and mastered this project myself as I wanted this to be somewhat of a portfolio for future career options, thus, encouraging my growth and development as a producer, songwriter and solo artist.

I feel a little selfish saying this! But luckily for me, the Covid-19 pandemic did not have drastic effects on my final project. As I was producing this rescore myself, the lack of studio space was definitely tough to overcome at first as it was essentially the entirety of what my project was based on. However, after discussions with my University housemate and Leeds Beckett lecturer and project supervisor, Tenley Martin, we conjured up ideas of how I could continue and make my project work from home and use the pandemic to my advantage. I have thus learnt new skills and techniques in home production that I may not have learnt otherwise.

I loved creating this project as it allowed me to work with friends, musicians and fellow colleagues. I learnt valuable skills that I can now implement into my own production style and will hopefully support a career for me one day in music production. I want to say a massive thank you to Harry Dale (@harrydcranberry - Twitter) and Sam Harrison for helping me write and
record vocals for the EP, and finally thank you to Tenley Martin, Charlotte Tilford and Matthew Huggard (Photographer, @matthuggardphoto)

Check out ‘Happy Presents DRIVE’ here