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BA (Hons) Music Performance and Production

Sabrina Hines

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Sabrina Hines / Music Performance and Production

A Creative Online Performance

Born out of the need for a creative response to the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Sabrina Hines and her band create an online performance with a twist. Produced as part of the Music Performance and Production course at Leeds Beckett University, final year student student Sabrina Hines produces a very memorable performance video which comes with a huge dose of

Hello and welcome! I’m Sabrina, or ‘Sabs’, and I’ve just completed my final year studying the ‘Music Performance and Production’ course at Leeds Beckett University. Over the last three years I’ve learnt so much, both personally and professionally, I’ve been able to explore my interests within the music industry and create multiple pieces of work that I’m extremely proud of, all whilst living in a beautiful city.

Born out of the need for a creative response to the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, this particular project is a pre-recorded, multiscreen performance of my band and I “performing” a 20 minute set of covers and original songs, but with a twist. My band includes: Becca, Holly, India, Luka and myself. As our original live, audience facing performance couldn’t go ahead due to the pandemic, our tutor established an online Facebook-based festival called “The Quarantine Collective - A Leeds Beckett Music Festival” which offered both live and pre-recorded performances from the students on the ‘Music Performance and Production’ course at Leeds Beckett University, including this set.

Offering a fresh, unique and engaging performance that showcased my sense of humor and focused on ‘stagecraft’ was of paramount importance. Therefore, I arranged comedic scenes to pop up on screen during relative lyrics and used exaggerated facial expressions for comedic and emotional effect, as well as personal introductions before every song as a sense of intimacy that may be
missing in online performances. As with most of my university work, the elements of these performances were heavily inspired by my favourite artists such as: Lily Allen, Lorde, Marina and
Sigrid. In this case, it was their stagecraft, communication, personalities, and senses of humour that were particularly influential.

Due to the change in circumstance for this performance, there were some difficult obstacles that we had to overcome. For instance; the lack of opportunity to rehearse, having to figure out the best way to remotely record each band member, mixing, and the technical video aspects were all large issues that we didn’t need to consider at the start of 2020. However, as a band we adapted to these
challenges very well to successfully release a good quality final performance.

Although I enjoyed many of the aspects that were involved in creating this performance, what I enjoyed the most was the opportunity to problem solve, be fully creative and explore a new way of performing whilst adapting it to my own style. Putting together this memorable performance felt very personal to me and I’m ecstatic about the outcome and response.

As I’ve now finished my degree I’m currently looking to work within the music industry in a creative, content creation, marketing, or similar, role. After exploring many different aspects of the music
industry throughout my three years at university, this career choice was solidified through conducting my independent project as it enabled me to gain experience in the areas of the music industry that I was particularly drawn to, as well as providing me with a wide range of skills. My independent project was a website-based online portfolio, called ‘Sabrina Hines: Music Industry
Professional’, was constructed to showcase my interests and abilities as a music industry professional. It featured three sections: a blog and article section of music related content, a section of my marketing and promoting work with the dark-pop band ‘ALLORA’ (including the ‘Getting to Know ALLORA’ video series which I created), and my own personal artistry section with related social
media channels. I loved every single part of creating this online portfolio as it supplied me with the opportunity to practically apply the skills and knowledge that I’ve gained over the three years I’ve spent at university and I’m very eager to Immerse myself further within the industry and become an established professional.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you really enjoyed reading this and exploring these pieces of work just as much as I enjoyed making them. To be kept up to date with my music activities please follow my social media accounts:

Facebook (@SABSmusicofficial)

Instagram (@sabsmusic_)

SoundCloud (@sabs-official)

Youtube (Sabs)

Or please visit my online portfolio site.