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BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design

Beth Roddick 1

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design

Through art-based studio practice and increasingly self-directed design projects our interior architecture and design students create sustainable contemporary interior spaces, through creative re-imagining of existing buildings;

Using traditional art and design and digital media our students shape innovative sensory and emotive interior landscapes. They propose a radical future for redundant architecture and use design to advance social, ethical and political issues.

Through personally negotiated major design projects our final year students present interior architecture schemes, remodelling a wide range of buildings from a 11th century monastery to a 20th century cold war bunker. By embracing the transformative potential of the existing built environment students celebrate the ‘local’ and tackle the ‘global’. ‘The Fanciers’ revives obsolete colliery buildings in Yorkshire as a headquarters for pigeon-fanciers and ‘Create your Imagination’ proposes a National Trust building as an epicentre for creative, art-based learning for the global foundation ‘Slow Education’.

Our graduates enter the creative industry as visionary, ethical designers committed to conscientious design practice.