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BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design

Maya Gribby

Maya Gribby 2

Beneath the Crops

Winner of the 2021 Interior Educators Climate Emergency and Sustainability Award and Gagarin Practice Placement Award for Outstanding Critical Design Report.

Abandoned and almost forgotten, RAF Bempton was once a crucial part of the British radar defence system during WWII. With a functional architecture that revisits a time when our country was urged to ‘dig for victory’, this project aims to readdress how our food is produced by creating a transferable modern farming scheme, that can be adapted to various landscapes and disused buildings across the UK.

This adaptation will unite farmers of Bridlington with Farm Urban enabling traditional, rural farms on the surface to increase their efficiency and output by incorporating agricultural waste recycling, which will then be used to fertilise hydroponically grown crops underground. Following this close-loop format spatially, visitors are invited to explore the journey from traditional to modern farming. These spaces include: an observatory, a private science laboratory, an educational exhibition about food security, the hydroponic farm itself, and a small farmer’s market selling local produce.

Mobile: 07543403281