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BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design

Megan Dewberry

Megan Dewberry 1

A Writer’s Journey

Winner of the 2021 Practice Experience Placement Award for Outstanding Overall Design

Pop Up – Project Description

Overlooking the scenic views of Lake Windermere, surrounded by the nature of the Lake District rests the Claife Heights Viewing Station, built entirely of stone masonry with the purpose of observing the external. ‘A Writers Journey’ will be a series of internal and external spaces merged into the landscape designed specifically for writers and book lovers. Designed to focus on the natural elements, this approach interacts with Earth, wind, water and fire and the connection between natural and man-made.

Pop up – Report Description

‘A Writer’s Journey’ explores the Lake District, Claife Hights Viewing Station, poetry, rhythms, the history of writing and reading, performance and influential case and precedent studies. This design report aims to carefully reflect the ideas and relevant research to make this project possible.

Audio Script

A Writers Journey focuses on the natural elements of the area with spaces that interact with Earth, wind, water and fire as well as the senses. As the journey unfolds the writer begins to engage directly with the existing landscape through a series of writing pavilions, including dark, narrow passageways into the cliff, high up into the treetops capturing the sounds of the wind and birds, far out onto the lakes surface for an immersive experience with the water and embedded underground directed by the natural light above.

As the pavilions cumulate at the building the concepts and materials begin to cumulate also, creating spaces that interact with fire through a long expressive heater piercing through the floor levels, rain chains that allow for rainwater to pass through the building, pivoting oak louvres that interact with the wind and sunken spaces into the earth’s surface, all of which respond to the Earth’s changing state. Within the building itself, a private reviewing space and public performance space are held to reflect and improve the writer’s work. Traveling down towards the courtyard a private reading room and public gallery space stand with the intention of celebrating their work.

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