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BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design

Nathalie Kenning

Nathalie Kenning 2

Eyewitness Reforged

Winner of the 2021 Practice Experience Placement Award for Outstanding Concept

Project Description

Focusing on the increasing knife crime and youth offending rates in South Yorkshire, the aim of this major project is to help to provide support, safety, and new opportunities to young vulnerable people in Sheffield. The chosen site is The Eyewitness Works, a Grade II Listed building located on Milton Street in Sheffield city centre. One of Sheffield’s last functioning steel works, home to cutlery manufactures Taylors Eye Witness. The proposed site will feature a Knife depository, for members of the public who are uncomfortable with going to the police  but want to dispose of knives in their possession. As well as Charity offices & Events spaces that provide young people with a safe place to spend their free time. Also included is a Cookery school, Restaurant & Food Hall to provide young ex-offenders with skills, experience, as well as a temporary source of income, allowing them to look for long term employment.

Report Description

The report looks in depth at the effects of knife crime in South Yorkshire and the current action plans set in place by South Yorkshire Police and independent charities tackling these statistics. It also looks into Sheffield’s steel manufacturing past, historical and modern processes of Knife manufacturing and the history of The Eyewitness Works. The report also explores the coronavirus pandemic and its influence on the hospitality industry, as well as the increased importance of locally sourced produce and self-sufficiency moving forward.

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