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BA (Hons) Landscape Architecture and Design

Magda Maciejewska

Magdalena Maciejewska in a field

Winner of the 2021 Landscape Institute Yorkshire & Humberside Branch Award - Under Graduate

I am a hard-working, passionate and creative Landscape Architecture and Design graduate of Leeds  Beckett University. My Landscape Architecture path began in Poland, graduating from Technical  college with a Landscape Architecture profile. During this time, I gained knowledge about plants,  designing gardens on a local and neighbourhood scale and demonstrated my ability to create  planting compositions with seasonal attraction. Six years later, I continued my journey at Leeds  Beckett University, where I developed my individual style and direction. I achieved great digital  design and problem-solving skills and delivered imaginative landscape solutions appropriate to site conditions on every scale.

I am personally concerned about climate change and the growing deficit of human-nature relation. That is why I am passionate about restoring natural areas in developed places. My projects emphasise natural forms to discover innovative, sustainable solutions and achieve greater harmony with the surrounding environment and human wellbeing. I believe that regenerative biophilic and nature-inspired design will reveal the vital connection between people and nature and raise pro environmental behaviour as an example for young generations. 

For more of my projects, please visit my portfolio website or check out my LinkedIn and Instagram profile.